Dadalú Releases "Gracias." Video + Single/EP with Remixes

Singing to gratitude is rare in secular music, and when it happens it usually comes in the form of subsistence and in very traditional fashion (such as Joan Sebastian’s “Gracias Por Tanto Amor” or Mercedes Sosa’s “Gracias a la Vida”). Chilean singer-songwriter, rapper, and pop enthusiast Dadalú takes on such duty, reuniting her skills and sharp style to put on a modern (and very personal) template of appreciation. “Gracias” is the first single out of Dadalú’s forthcoming debut album Período, which fans have been waiting for a couple of years. The song also offered us with our Fonogramaticos Vol.9 theme “El Silencio No Nos Matara.”

Like Valentina Fel and Pipe Llorens, Dadalu’s unmeasured rhymes come in at various speeds. “Gracias” has a nice jazzy, of-the-minute clamor that makes it epic. The emerging keys and rotating orchestration outline a revealing, glossy, and soulful piece. Dadalú just released “Gracias” as a single, officially. It features a set of remixes by Gen, Namuel, Miss Bolvia, Sokio, and Warjol, plus an instrumental version and its acapella counterpart of course (for free download through Michita Rex. The video is really pink (not bloody red as the album title suggests), shot on 16mm by Francisco Shultz.

♫♫♫ “Gracias”