Video + MP3: El Sueño de la Casa Propia - "En la medida de lo posible"

Chile’s El Sueño de la Casa Propia has released one of the most interesting debut albums of the year. Historial de Caidas is so complex we haven’t had the guts of actually getting down to review it (but we will soon). It’s not an intimidating record, but its layers (and sublayers) definitely make it an album to be dissected and put back together. Mastermind Jose Cerda has the scope of a Hip Hop producer and the ambition of the French new wave, particularly in the way a song like “En la medida de lo posible” reveals itself;, it’s obtrusive to its own beat, it lets its form be seen. This is the second single out of the album (following “Voluntad de Oro”), the video was directed by Andres Acevedo, one of the guys from Protistas. It’s so flashy and visually rich, it hurts. Fantastic.