Bootleg Promo: Andrea Balency - "Pez" (Lisandro Aristimuño Cover) / FONOGRAMÁTICOS VOL.10

The “open invitation” we did for Fonogramaticos Vol.10 turned out to be not so open at all. We assumed not a lot of our favorite bands would take the time to participate, but the response was heart-warming. In every compilation we put out, about half of them are brand new faces, but not this time. So far, we’ve selected two “new” artists for this compilation, both have been part of Fonogramaticos before but as part of their bands, this time, they arrive with their solo projects. One of them, is the beautiful Andrea Balency, from Torreblanca. She seemed a bit shy when she sent us this track, but we didn’t hesitate to approve her entry, it’s gorgeous. She covers Argentinean folk astro Lisandro Aristimuño in a beautiful arsenal version of “Pez.” The way she orchestrates her voice with a wheel of pounding instruments is simply stunning. The song comes with footage from Claudia Llosa’s socio-religious masterpiece Madeiunsa.