Video: Esteman - "El Distractor"

We told you he was no one-hit-wonder, Colombia’s new pop heartthrob is a gentlemen making the most glamorous (if theatrical) pop in Latin America. Esteban Meneses, better known as Esteman has new great single to follow “No Te Metas En Mi Facebook” and “La Cosita Tropical”, his latest song “El Distractor” is already a hit in Colombia and is quickly making its way to the rest of the continent. The catchy tune has an equally glossy video directed by Salomon Simhon and Esteman himself; it’s bright and smoky, like Rob Marshall meeting Punch Drunk Love at a Sunday parade. Esteman’s spaghetti legs are to die for, and he knows how to ‘square’ his voice on parallel to his body, like all those great men he mentions on the song. The song has a pretty good English version titled “The Actor.” It’s always weird to use these words, but he was born to do this. There's no official word on the release of his debut album, but it could arrive this very same year.