Featured: Collateral Soundtrack - "Marco El Gordo"

Featured: Collateral Soundtrack – “Marco El Gordo”
Independiente, Mexico
Track from ‘Collage’

Collateral Soundtrack (Edgar Mota) released the impressive Long Play EP last year, a record in which he combined atmospheric texture with testimonies of people under LSD. I may be repeating myself a bit too much, but this is the kind of music project to be explored under a cinematic eye. Music journalists keep thinking of sampling-based music as a form of minimalism without weighing the density involved in every step towards a sound, this is not minimalist music, it’s the contrary. Mota’s sensibilities are still a bit rickety from an actual narrative, but it’s getting pretty close. Collateral Soundtrack just got a whole lot more interesting with “Marco El Gordo”, the first cut from his upcoming sophomore EP Collage.

“Marco El Gordo” starts on the imaginary, within a few seconds it dazzles into chromatic heights, reaching the epic side of melody along the way. Its stylistic ambition is actually very traditional, but those circular sequences strike for nothing less than a vertiginous experience. Although it’s only two minutes long, I can really see myself holding to this piece all year long; it’s got that larger-than-life quality that’s nowadays only found on Hip Hop. Collage will be out later this year, definitely one to keep an eye on.