MP3: Odisea - "Casa Latina" (Radio Edit)

The only drawback in Odisea’s thrilling self-titled debut is the excess of fabric length-wise, so the idea of having radio edits for the album’s upcoming singles is a great move. There’s nothing in the album as crowd-pleasing as “Cabros”, but this four-minute cut of “Casa Latina” should do a fine job pushing Odisea one step closer to its transcendental life (it’s that good). The Chilean pop futurist is giving away this radio edit for free on his terrific website, make sure to check the lyrics and all the visual goodies in it. You can also stream the full-length album version HERE.

Just like P.D. James’ Children of Men, “Casa Latina” imagines a dystopian era where dehumanization is almost inevitable. It has the aesthetics of Javiera Mena’s “Luz de Piedra de Luna” but turned into a horror scene: “Bebe, has sido un amigo fiel, no me fragmentes yendote.” The end of the world is a pessimistic thought with endless possibilities to reflect on, Anwandter comes out as a digitalized (but very human) Brian De Palma in his narrative methods of questioning life’s artificial nature through text, and practicing an unrestrained-resolving mode of the medium.