Video: Sonido San Francisco - "El Género Romántico"

We’ve finally caught up to the growing hype of Sonido San Francisco’s “El Género Romántico” (great title), an infectious song that’s starting to become a regular on any DJ hipster set around us. Behind all the hype, there’s a truly memorable synthesized cumbia merging Colombia’s pop music & aesthetics, with Mexico’s idiosyncratic humor at a jam-packed ‘populachero’ degree. Our friends at Panamerika have been buzzing the tune as a “sabroso sanchocho sonoro”, and there are no better words to describe it. It’s nowhere near the audacity of Systema Solar’s “Bienvenidos” and there’s an excess of gimmicks all around (especially vocally), but this is a bold, entertaining & romantic cumbia that will get you dancing, "favorito para sacar a las muchachas a bailar."