Video: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "El Juidero"

El Juidero’s booklet starts with a travelogue detailing the creation of this blaxpoitation video, which is the backbone of the album’s aesthetics. If you don’t recognize “El Juidero” as a deeply political song yet, this amazing video might do it. It was helmed by Puerto Rican visionary Noelia Quintero, who also directed “La Hora de Volve.” In the booklet Rita explained about the history involved in this video, and wrote about the ‘undocumented history’ of politicial and civilian assassinations in the Dominican Republic during the 70’s. “El Juidero” is the scene of a nation impacted by “el Trujillismo y el Balaguerato.” As a matter of fact, the car Rita is driving in the video belonged to the unmerciful Doctor Balaguer. La Montra and her gang have done it once again, the clip's fixation with the Salsa aesthetic is tremendous, and that Johnny Ventura cameo is simply priceless."El Juidero nuestro de todos los dias."