MP3: Las Robertas - "In Between Buses" (Algodón Egipcio Remix)

Algodón Egipcio has been one of the year’s most pleasant surprises; Cheky’s solo debut La Lucha Constante seems like an album that will not only deliver, it could very well sneak in as one of the year’s best (every song we’ve heard has been breathtaking). After two marvelous covers for Of Montreal (“Du Og Meg”) and Male Bonding (“Weird Feelings”), here is a sublime, sky-suspended remix for Las Robertas’ “In Between Buses.” The Costa Rican all-girl noise pop band will be releasing their debut album Cry Out Loud through Art Fag (to be released on limited color vinyl 12” and cassette!) This time, the songs have been given a little bit more make up through a far more polished mixing & mastering.

Cry Out Loud is no longer available for free download, but you can stream it on its entirety over at SoundCloud. Algodón Egipcio’s La Lucha Constante will be out very soon as part of Lefse Records’ Way Slow series. Oh, and to make things even more exciting, he is also part of Fonogramaticos Vol.10.