Superaquello Announces New Single/EP "Escuchate Esta"

After a widespread promotion of Superaquello Interpreta La Tarde, the Puerto Rican band is ready for a transition release that should get them ready for their next full-length album. We’re still psyched about the awesome video for “Flor Es Ser”, in which they solved the mystery behind the album cover, and gave us the theme line for our eighth compilation “Un Delirio Paranoide.” Superaquello’s unmeasured sensibilities have now been put under the eye of a whimsical microscope in their latest song “Escuchate Esta.” Everything holds in just well in this song; there’s a quiet beauty in the breathing in-and-out, which makes them go from mid-tempo to sonic freedom.

The collaboration of Omar García is a bit obtrusive, but after a few spins, it proves necessary. It’s not the catchiest song around and it won’t win Superaquello many new fans, but it’s beautifully crafted. Escuchate Esta is a 2-track single/EP to be released later this year through AtrumOrbis.