Video: Philipina Bitch - "Aplasta Tu Generación" (Live Acoustic)

Philipina Bitch released their album Vecindad Maldita early this year, which we described as “an ethereal mindset and a thriving experience.” I still get goose bumps every time I listen to "Aplasta Tu Generación." It’s an increasing rush of the rock&roll culture, squashing our generation is the true idealism of rebellion. Folks, it’s still this year’s anti-anthem. Here is a thrilling live acoustic video of the band rocking some serious strings. This is definitely for those of us who don’t fully get the Rodrigo y Gabriela hype. “Esta es tu generacion, de miedo, angustia y dolor, es lo que tu construiste rezandole a tu dios.” The band is currently promoting their new EP titled Eine Langsame Abend through Discos Tue Tue, we can’t wait to hear it.