MP3: Ceylán - "Papel Absorbente" (Fiebre Cover)

“Ceylán es un arranque impulsivo de delirios sónicos de Gian Paolo Gritti, descuidista de profesión y delincuente sexual en potencia” (don’t make me translate that). Ceylán is an evocative Chilean one-man act fully immersed on a midi controller and sexual thoughts. Despite the premise (and the image above), things don’t get entirely hardcore it but they do get ‘bareback’ in “Papel Absorbente.” This is a cover of Chilean artist Cristian Fiebre (who polished Nacha Pop's "Lucha de Gigantes" cut for the Amores Perros Soundtrack). Every line in this song is a knockout; you could argue on its depiction of rushed sex, and biased role-play, but the tune itself is crafted in a dramatic and clever way. The base of the song is bouncy, raw, playful, almost mystical. The song argues on an absolute truth that is revealed through unprotected sex (“la carne con la carne, que es nuestra revancha y nuestra unica verdad”).