Video: Torreblanca feat Turra Medina & Sonido Landon - "Por La Ventana" (Gepe Cover) / Fonogramaticos Vol.10

When we made the call for entries for our upcoming Fonogramaticos Vol.10 compilation we weren’t expecting any videos, but our dear Juan Manuel Torreblanca surprised us with this fun, self-claimed ridiculous video. This very special video is a surprise and is filling our hearts with joy. As you can see from the awesome t-shirt he’s wearing in the clip, Juan is a big fan of Chilean pop astro Gepe, and we can’t think of anyone more suitable to cover Gepe’s catchiest song “Por La Ventana.” Torreblanca recruited his Mexico City-based Chilean friends Sonidolandon and Turra Medina to craft this very hip, amusing and gripping version, by far, one of the most joyful tracks in the compilation.

This video was shot by Jimena Montemayor as the group of friends met to record this awesome version. We told every band participating to have fun, and if all the other bands had half as fun as these guys, we couldn’t be happier. We’re not sure what’s up with the banana motif, but great job recreating Gepe’s awesome video, the guys sure look sexy with those wigs (and that La Rosa de Guadalupe moment is priceless). We'll unveil more tracks this coming week through a set of bootleg promo videos, all framed by great Latin American movies.