Video: Klaus & Kinski - "Forma, Sentido y Realidad"

Visionary director Luis Cervero has made yet another extraordinary music video to add to his incredible profile. There is no other music video director with such unique voice for story-telling and visual narrative. He works with a variety of media, color palettes, and resources, redefining his vision in every video but keeping his signature as a gifted visual stylist. This time he has used his magic pen in Klaus & Kinki’s “Forma, Sentido y Realidad.” The clip is truly hard to define, as the song suggests, “no tiene forma.” It exploits the ideas of symmetry in a deliciously absurd way. Also, it seems like Klaus & Kinski want to stay away from the actual catchy tracks in Tierra, Tragalos, songs like “Brilla Como Una Estrella” or “Eres un Sinverguenza” were destined to be singles.


  1. el video es grande como ellos para mi tierra tragalos es uno de los mejores ya escuchando el de rey pila , hello seahorse pero no supera a AÑO SANTO ESPERO QUE EL SEGUNDO MEJOR SEA EL DE KALUS & KINSKI!! _d

  2. Magritte + Kandinsky + Godard. Chouette!!!