Dënver Unveils New Single "Los Adolescentes"

With the releases of Mena and Pop Negro, we can only think of three other albums we’re truly psyched about for the rest of the year: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios’ El Juidero, Carla Morrison’s Mientras Tu Dormias, and Dënver’s Música, gramática, gymnasia. As we’ve stated before, Dënver is a novelty to us (and many of you probably), we recently asked them to send us their previous works and yes, in fact, we were missing out in what has to be one of the most exciting duos in the continent. The band was just recently signed to Sello Cazador, making things ‘official’ through a signature on a napkin! This is a great move for the band, which joins Cazador’s rich emerging catalogue, which includes Fother Muckers, Protistas, La Reina Morsa and Los Mil Jinetes.

Super45 premiered the second single out of Música, gramática, gymnasia; it’s called “Los Adolescentes” and it’s making us drool for the entire record (out in about two weeks). While “Lo Que Quieras” was a steady and harmonious rock song, “Los Adolescentes” is Dënver’s pop platform at full command. Adolescents are a bunch of insecure dreamers (times when a haircut is worthy of a dilemma); this is like “Time To Pretend” without the honeyed pretension.