Kana Kapila + Los Claveles - Split

Split, Kana Kapila + Los Claveles
Yoyo Industrias, Spain
Rating: 69
by Carlos Reyes

Releasing new stuff on the 7" format is romantic by itself, Spain’s up and coming super lo-fi bands Kana Kapila and Los Claveles take it to the next line in this very intriguing (and hard to find) 8-minute collaborative split vinyl. This is of course, a one of a kind moment for record collectors (at least on our circuit); it just doesn’t get any more nostalgic than this.

In one side, we got the infectious bouncy tropicalia of Kana Kapila, who are still a novelty despite their recent self-titled debut release. They’re still making flashy and undeviating tunes that are impossible to catch and tap to. “La ciudad no es para mi” might be very catchy, but is low on protein. Kana Kapila has the ideas, but their craft shows to be quite messy when trying to structure highs & lows in just one minute and a half. “Merienda de Blancos” (from their LP) proves the band is best profitable when they welcome sequencing and segmentation into their loopy but contagious songs.

On the other side, we got an even faster and smokier offering, Madrid’s Los Claveles. The band breaks a leg in three tracks that dispatch swing, danger and pounds of charisma. Particularly “Orfidal”, it’s barely one minute long yet they show they can carry their influences just fine to show off their dark comedic behavior, and defend an identity. “Con el dinero en la mano” shows a wonderful rushed quality that’s not punk or rockabilly; it’s a rare, desiccated form of blissful pop. Los Claveles are clearly, a band to watch.

When analyzing a double presentation with this much presentational caliber, one must acknowledge the ideals of such event, knowing that this is best appreciated on physicality; with all its package folding and parallel aesthetics, it’s the record as an experience. But even without physical contact, these are two very fun bands injecting youth into wax, mad props to that.