Black XS & La Blogotheque Present The Plastics Revolution - "Light of Day" (First of Take Away Shows in Mexico)

A few weeks ago our Twitter Timeline was full of little hints from many Mexican bands celebrating the news of their selection for La Blogotheque’s “Black XS Live Sound Take Away Shows.” Among the bands selected are Chikita Violenta, Antoine Reverb, Carla Morrison, 60 Tigres, Natalia Lafourcade, Los Negretes, Mexican Institute of Sound, Lazaro Valiente among others. Some friends of ours tell us Café Tacvba did one too, but it’s kind of a secret. The Paris-based video collective by Vincent Moon has unveiled the first video to be shot in Mexico, featuring Mexico City-based sextet The Plastics Revolution, who we must confess, we had no idea of their existence (La Blogotheque’s magic). This band is definitely interesting, listening to the incredibly catchy “Light of Day” with that Mariachi in Xochimilco is a great way to win our hearts.