MP3: Neoplatonics - "Cosmos"

“We’re just a little three-piece band learning how to play.” This is the humble self-description by Colombia’s up and coming band Neoplatonics. The Medellin-based band had small resources available, but they manage to craft a five-track debut EP that has generated significant buzz around our Colombian friends. Cosmos EP isn’t the most solid debut album we’ve heard lately, but it’s a nice start for a band that might not even realize they’re into something; the title track is enough to see there’s some promising material to work with. Cosmos is a strange little gem reminiscent to the early works of El Otro Yo or Charades; it is also a tribute to American astronaut Carl Sagan, a landmark author and scholar of cosmology and science. “Cosmos” is strangely catchy, particularly because there’s barely any true centerpiece chorus in the track, which makes it that much more interesting.

♫♫♫ "Cosmos"