Video: Delorean - "Real Love"

“Aside from “Real Love” sounding really, really cool, it shows a density and cohesiveness that shows the band’s growth from Ayrton Senna.” The most blissful and glowing chill-wave band from our circuit released a fantastic Single-EP of “Real Love” the second cut out of the mesmerizing Subiza. The video features the song’s radio cut (2 minutes shorter), which loses some of the intensity of the original’s halfway quiet sequence; still, this song chills our summer with all its watery-distorted disco strings. The clip helmed by renowned music video director Ben Chappel starts as a picture-perfect moment with playful hipsters and their dogs, until the animals take over in the canniest and bloodiest way. Subiza is out now on True Panther (USA), Mushroom Pillow (Spain) and Arts & Crafts (Mexico).