Emmanuel Horvilleur - Polvo de Amor

Polvo de Amor, Emmanuel Horvilleur
Sony, Argentina
Rating: 69
By Jean-Stephane Beriot

Horvilleur’s latest album might have a Telenovela-sounding title (or is it too close to that toxic powder?), do not fear, it’s a harmless pop record, “musica para sentirnos mejor.” The former member of Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas makes effervescent pop seem like something easy to accomplish, he is one of a few authentic pop stars that once in a while show up on TV or Radio. He also has the moves of a showman and enough sexy appeal to cause a few girls and boys to faint.

The Argentinean eccentric singer released a phenomenal pop record in 2007 titled Mordisco, which let me tell you, was more brave and edgy than “Abarajame La Bañera.” Horvilleur is influenced by great Argentinean rock legends, European pop, but mostly from black artists, especially the dynamics of a young Michael Jackson or Prince at its prime. Polvo de Amor is uneven and lacks a sense of discovery, there’s barely anything new here, but the album manages to be engaging and uplifting. The colorful disco show opens with “Michael” a post-mortem anthem evoking Jackson’s moonwalk, “mis piernas no paran de bailarte como si fuera Michael en luna llena.” The single, along with other tracks such as “Destino Caprichoso” and the title track are prove Horvilleur’s lyrical style really does catch up to the legend’s midnight disco fury.

The promotional single “12:30” is full of irony fantasy imagery. “Los pies los usa para bailar,” the upbeat piece isn’t kidding around, it makes all kinds of suggestions involving religion and origin; from a crying neon saint to a giraffe using lipstick, all in the name of dramatizing the approaching dance at midnight. The slower songs are very stuffy and too conditional to work, but “Amor Loco” featuring Brazilian singer Ana Cañas is a nice boy-meets-girl track in the best of Miranda! It’s hard to appreciate a pop-disco album after listening to Javiera Mena’s groundbreaking Mena, but Horvilleur’s burnished pop is worth worth a while.