MP3: Babe Florida - "Pé de Amoras"

We rarely blog about Brazilian bands, there’s probably a bunch of good ones, but always very hard to keep track of. Lately, we’ve been digging a handful of releases by Brazilian netlabel Transfusão Noise Records, whose catalog is mainly made of edgy avant-pop EPs. We’re particularly attentive of the very intriguing lo-fi, almost punk band Babe Florida. The Rio de Janeiro-based band is fuzzy and compelling, like a clear-minded Bam Bam or a friendlier Wavves. The band describes its sound as an “organized mess”, and they’re right. “Pé de Amoras” is barely a minute long, yet thrilling enough to hold its genre down-low. The band has a tiny Vol.1 EP available for download; 8 songs in 8 minutes. Babe Florida is still on diapers, but they're wearing their influences with incredible confidence.

♫♫♫ "Pé De Amoras"