Featured: Los Amparito feat. Carla Morrison - "Cuatrociénegas"

Featured: Los Amparito feat. Carla Morrison -"Cuatrociénegas"

Fonogramaticos Vol.4 opened with Carla Morrison’s beautiful nana “Valentina” and was followed by Los Amparito’s hit “Por Medio de la Lectura”, seems like their styles really do get along. The new pop sensation and the folk-alternative band have released a new collaboration titled “Cuatrociénegas” as part of Carlos Pesina’s (Los Amparito mastermind) weekly Odio Los Jueves series. It’s raw and flowy, almost lo-fi, yet it’s one of Los Amparito’s most traditional pieces yet. The execution of tiny sonic explosions is phenomenal, especially in the way they counterpart Carla’s angelical vocals.

This is their second song together, last year we fell in love with Pesina’s remix of “Nunca Me Dejes”, still one of our favorite songs from Morrison’s fantastic Aprendiendo a Aprender EP. “Cuatrociénegas” is the perfect song to play on a stormy day, when one becomes aware of nature no matter what, "voy buscando un lugarcito bajo el sol." There are still no details on the much anticipated debut release by Los Amparito, but Carla’s Mientras Tu Dormias drops next month on Cosmica Records.

♫♫♫ "Cuatrociénegas"