MP3: Las Señoras - "Digitación Alternativa"

Las Señoras is a virtually unknown punk band from Madrid currently promoting their 4-track EP Digitación Alternativa. They’re so underground they don’t even have a MySpace. This could very well be the first of many new bands we like who build their careers on the much more convenient Bandcamp platform. Having said that, we don’t know anything else about them except that they’re an exhilarating all-girl band that rocks hard and loud. Just because they’re all girls doesn’t mean they’re jumping into the lo-fi trend, this is a true punk band making some mind-blowing ramshackle songs. The title track is a piece powered on frustration, it’s trashy yet wistful. If I ever reach a moment of madness where I feel I need to bang my head against the wall, I want Las Señoras’s digitalized sonic hysteria to escort me.