Video: Los Románticos de Zacatecas - Corazón

Los Románticos de Zacatecas is one of those bands that will be there for you no matter in what kind of shenanigan you’ve gotten yourself into. The heart is a delicate concept an idea; it’s nice to know there’s always music out there ready to rock it. “Corazón” is the band’s second single out of their first full-length album Muchacha, which we recently described as an album that “dazzles in adolescent rock and shines on the progressive side of melody.” Directors Julio Muñoz and Bernardo Mancebo audaciously capture the band’s resounding, universal themes on music’s attachment to emotional discharge; making a comparison between a quiet reflexive world, and one of those once-in-a-life-time parties that seem to resolve life’s uncertainties.