MP3: Eddy Núñez - "Agua"

Eddy Núñez is one of the guys from “y los Misterios”, the energetic and ridiculously cool group of musicians that comprise Rita Indiana’s project. The Dominican sensation is about to drop their debut El Juidero next month, but Eddy is already thinking ahead starting his very dissimilar solo project. He just sent us his first demo recording “Agua”, an obscure little gem condensing minimal sparkling electro with Dominican folklore, “una gota de aire y una gota de agua.” Despite its well-kept gestures (a lo Robi Draco Rosa) it’s so meticulously dark it’s almost psychedelic. It's nowhere near the complexity of any of Rita Indiana's songs, but it's nice to see a lonesome layer of what makes the 'y Los Misterios' hybrid so interesting.