New Single: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "El Juidero"

“El Juidero” is the first official first single from our most anticipated record this year, the debut of Rita Indiana y Los Misterios. It’s been a long way but they’re finally releasing the album on October 12. This song isn’t her catchiest moment, but it’s so cerebral and complex, we’re afraid her label Premium Latin Music won’t know how to take care of it outside its Tropical boundaries, but Rita’s magic always finds its way. It will only take a few months for Rita aka “La Montra” to become a household name, we will be proud like you have no idea. The Dominican sensation will be sharing label with Aventura, miles away quality-wise, but we can’t wait for this to reach endless proportions.

You can now hear "El Juidero" on its proper quality, Rita Indiana y Los Misterios will also be releasing an amazing video for it in a few days.