Featured: Los Espíritus– “Besito”

Feature: Los Espíritus– “Besito”

Los Espíritus, the charming new duo act by Lido Pimienta and Antonio Jiménez (María y José) couldn’t be more exciting. You know they’re two of our favorite artists in the world and we can’t even imagine how good their album will be. They are taking baby steps towards the release of their first EP Aprendiendo a Amar con Los Espíritus, which probably won’t be out until late this year or early 2011. “Pacifico-Atlantico” took our #1 spot on our Midyear Best Songs of 2010 playlist and we still can’t stay away from it. Their less elaborated song “Besito” has been circulating around some corners of the web, we figured it was time to feature it considering how good it is.

“Besito” is inconsistent, raw and sweaty, just like puberty should be. And in fact, Los Espiritus’ main premise is that of sexual awakening, and the romanticism of first love. Adolescence might be the backbone of “Besito”, but it goes further in detail by complementing the novelty of a first experience through religious rebellion, “nunca voy a la Iglesia aunque sea pecado, solo quiero mi besito pequeñito en mi ombliguito.” Another knockout by these two visionaries, by far, one of the best new 'bands' out there.

♫♫♫ "Besito"