New Single: Alexis y Fido feat. Daddy Yankee - "Rescate"

Puerto Rican duo Alexis y Fido is a house favorite; there’s simply no other duo in Reggaeton with such high-caliber beats, lyrical sovereignty, and charm. We like them so much we included three of their songs in our CF’s Best Reggaeton Songs list: “El Tiburon” (#21), “Eso Ehh!” (#16) and “5 Letras” (#4). Los Pitbulls or ‘Los Reyes del Perreo’, as they’re commonly called, go beyond the average landscape of Reggaeton. They set parameters and don’t settle for anything less than upbeat rapture.

Their new album Perreologia will be out soon and they just unveiled its first single “Rescate” featuring Daddy Yankee. The song is slower than most of their singles and it’s nowhere near the intoxicating highs of their great pieces, but it soothes the thirst of people like us, who actually enjoy the Reggaeton beat. “No es lo mismo tener un hombre en tu cama a que tu te mates solita,” oh yes, Alexis y Fido along with Yankee claim to be the saviors of a lonesome woman ‘suffering’ self-satisfaction.

Alexis y Fido, still more exciting than 90% of Latin rock bands out there.