Video: Bigott - "Sparkle Motion"

“You have any idea how super cool you are? – I know baby.” The coolest moustache in Spanish indie continues to promote his latest album This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship. We learned via Jenesaispop about his newest video “Cool Single Wedding”, but in there, we actually found out we missed this much more entertaining clip for “Sparkle Motion”, the album’s most cynical and charming piece. Underneath all that facial hair, Bigott seems like a hysterical intellectual with enough magic to pull out choreography. This is a big twist to his very serious roles on past videos. “Sparkle Motion” succeeds for many reasons, but let’s just quote our very own Andrew Casillas on this one: “Bigott doesn’t see dreams as metaphor for real-life, what’s revealed within each song is a mini-examination of one-man’s carnal psyche.”