Mi Abuela es Jazzista. Fanzine #3

Mi Abuela es Jazzista is our favorite fanzine; from its irrational editorial choices, to its jaw-dropping design and edgy content, this is a total knockout. This publication is leaded by Luis Angel Martinez, the mind behind Piyama Party, so you can already perceive the kind of cool aesthetics and humorous imagery you’ll find here. We love it so much we have actually printed the previous volumes. For its third edition, the fanzine fully submerged into a zoo… “nos encantan los animales, tambien las bandas de rock.” Along with incredible art, this also includes a story, a poem, and five interviews with Bam Bam, Pipe Llorens, Jóvenes y Sexys, Raul Querido, and The Mocks.

♫♫♫ Bam Bam. "Hi-Q"