Drop Your Bra for Rock&Roll, Triángulo Amor Bizarro's “El Baile de los Caídos" Astonishing Fan-Made Video

You’ve seen a bunch of unofficial, fan-made music videos around this blog lately, hope you don’t mind, they’re just too terrific to overlook. The urgency of making a visual parallel to a song is the ultimate sign admiration. This time, it comes from an unknown author who has made a phenomenal clip with Triángulo de Amor Bizarro’s “El Baile de los Caídos” using exuberant & jaw-dropping black&white footage in one of the highlights from the masterful Año Santo. While the song might be about fallen hearts & enterprises, this clip makes a more literal approach showing girls dropping their bras to rock&roll. God Bless Youtube. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro will be releasing a new video next month for the also awesome "Amigos del Género Humano," looking forward to it.