Video: Fother Muckers - "Ola de Terror"

“Ola de Terror” is undeniably, the best track in Fother Mucker’s career-best album Si no tienes nada bueno que decir entonces calla. We’ve already compared the vocal palette in this track to a combination of Enjambre, Los Bunkers and Juan Gabriel; yes, this is a piece built on nostalgia. "Ola de Terror" plays fantastically well while driving at night throughout the city, "tanto la belleza como el horror, no han encontrado mas grande motivacion." Their videos are always hard to sell for all those looking for picture-perfect moments, but there’s nothing more fascinating than bands revealing who they are through a clip. For once, it’s nice to see a band from our circuit not wearing skinny jeans. The redundant guy in the introduction makes the whole video be worthwhile: “in simple words it’s a great Chilean band, their sound is original, very simple, and above all, very original.”