New Single: Los Negretes - "Ella"

Los Negretes have unveiled their brand new single “Ella,” the first cut from their upcoming first full-length album Mexico City Blues. The band released an impressive EP two years ago titled Los Ultimos 10 Minutos de Maria Duval to very positive critical acclaim. The band was part of this year’s Vive Latino and was just recently shot by La Blogotheque for one of their glossy episodes.

Mexico City Blues sounds interesting to say the least. It’s a conceptual piece based on the poems of ‘Mexico City Blues’ by Jack Kerouac. It was recorded in the best of the DIY spirit; the band recorded the whole thing in just one day, through the now unconventional use of reels, bulbs and tapes. “Ella”was roughly mixed & mastered by Aaron Bautista from Nos Llamamos, so you can already expect a dense, almost frivolous sound coming out of these guys. Los Negretes sound like a film noir frame of Mexico City, dark and smoky all throughout. The new album will be out later this year on both, Vinyl and Cassette.