Video: Shakira - "Loca" feat. Dizzee Rascal

We started our Shakira “Loca” single review whining about our readers’ biased hate towards the Colombian diva, and surprisingly, we’ve heard nothing but great feedback about this hot single. There’s something strange going on with Shakira’s edgy pop structure, and people are noticing. Last year, “Loba” made it into our Top 20 best of the year list, was the #4 spot on Pitchfork’s Pop Songs Reader Poll, and had Hot Chip and Patrick Wolf inspired by a very weird song with phenomenal disco strings and overall substance. “Loca” is way crazier, but less accessible, especially on its awful translation. As our very own Andrew Casillas puts it, “whoever is translating her songs into English should get fired.” It used to be Gloria Estefan, but I guess Shakira should just fire English-idiom herself already. This video was shot on the streets of Barcelona, there’s not much artistic value to it, but admit it, those gold pants are crazy hot.