Video: Los Punsetes - "Dinero"

On our LAMC interview with Los Punsetes, the band told us they were preparing a great video for LP2’s second single “Dinero.” They weren’t kidding, this video directed by Alberto Gonzalez Vasquez is in fact, amazing. Ariadna’s unexpressive face has been the band’s most dramatic form of expressiveness; the clip cuts a figurine of gorgeous singer to unexpected zooms, sizes and genres. Admit it, “Tus Amigos” is one of the year’s anthems, while “Dinero” isn’t near as catchy or glossy, but it’s Los Punsetes’ dirtiest hour, “conseguirme dinero, no quiero trabajar para tenerlo.” The frame-on-frame effect may not be the most exciting practice nowadays, but for a song on the post-industrial consumer, this is a wonderful idea. I don’t think I ever imagined seeing Cantinflas next to Hitler, but weird things come up on their videos, and we love them for all that.