Video + MP3: Plastic Caramelo - "Shake That Chocolate"

It’s been over two years since we featured Plastic Caramelo around these parts; CF was barely starting and cumbia digital was still very confusing to most pop culture blogs from the states. Their off-the-wall hit “Plastic Caramelo” was 2008’s party-starter song every edgy Latin DJ loved to play, but the song never really reached into mainstream despite its massive potential. It was also the first time we were introduced to Glampeta (Glam + Champeta). Our music taste has changed tremendously, but this is one hot band we can’t get enough of.

By now we had added them to the list of one-hit-wonders, but they are back with “Shake That Chocolate”, an essential download from the guys at Generation Bass, who describe the song as “Major Lazor meets Picoteros.” The call-and-response structure of the song should be enough for a second shot at commercial success, this is catchy as hell. There's nothing sexier than a cosmopolitan song that captures a nation's idiosyncratic, and turns it into a real global-pop hit.