Video + Mp3: 60 Tigres - "24 Horas"

There’s nothing more visually stimulating than vintage footage framing modern pop music (hence the Fonogramaticos covers). 60 Tigres takes this concept in their wonderfully flashy new video “24 Horas.” A few months ago, the band moved from Monterrey to Mexico City looking for a broader audience, judging from the extremely catchy “24 Horas” they shouldn’t have a problem taking over the capital’s enormous scene. This is 60 Tigres’ best song since “Modelos Sin Personalidad,” whose almost identical video was also directed by Marcelo Quiñones. The band will be releasing a new album by the end of the year through their recently formed label-managing house Casa Buenaventura. "Esta noche sera lo que siempre he querido."

♫♫♫ "24 Horas"