La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau - Entre Un Ladrón y Una Beba de Seis Meses

Entre Un Ladrón y Una Beba de Seis Meses,
La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau
City Bell, Argentina
Rating: 75
By Carlos Reyes

The switch from childhood to adulthood can be especially hard for kids who rock their brains off. La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau’s debut 3-track EP is driven by hormones, from the melody to the gonads. It’s a revealing coming-of-age gem similar to La Casa Azul’s El Sonido Efervescente de la Casa Azul and El Otro Yo’s Traka Traka. In the strict sense of the word, this is an album about growing up. It stays away from exploiting on the annoyance of those thespian teenage years, which is refreshing. Instead, they opt for brainy love songs, but don’t worry, they also stay away from Diablo Cody.

“Estamos cambiando, pensando todo el dia en lo que hacemos, haciendo todo dia lo que pensamos.” They serve from their well-lived experiences to craft three songs with plenty of charm and appeal to internationalize their wide understanding of the lo-fi trend. While I prefer the defiant noise-pop of Smith Westerns, Bam Bam or Wavves for this kind of teenage-dream themed record, La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau have all the signs of a potentially great band in the process

“Cariñito” is one of the year’s most infectious rock songs; it’s got the charm of an all-small-caps junior high poem, completely unsuspicious of what it’s getting into. You can’t get any more expressive than by encapsulating your feelings in a diminutive structure, and rocking around it with plenty of skill. “Como Te Llevaria” shows the band as an accessible band, the catchy tune is ready to be the theme of a sitcom. “Estamos” has great punk energy, if you’re looking for a rush a la Hold On Now, Youngster (Los Campesinos), this might just do it. La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau is still on diapers, but they're getting the right amounts of protein to build adult muscle, they’re a truly refreshing band to keep an eye on.