Video: Bla - "Yo soy como Portugal"

Feeling the need to create something more personal and to be free from adhering to any one style, Belen Chanes and Luis G. Morais of Madrid’s L kan have started a side project called Bla. They recently released their debut album through Elefant Records, and “Yo soy como Portugal” has been one of the most popular tracks. It compares the song’s protagonist to Portugal in that both are afterthoughts. (“Yo soy como Portugal, todos nos descubren tarde y mal.") This video for it is simultaneously whimsical and bizarre, like a twisted children’s book a la Edward Gorey. It begins with Chanes in some sort of Big Bird-esque ensemble being dumped on the side of a dark road and left for dead and continues with her in several near-death scenarios, including being torched by two Klan members and a devil in a tracksuit. Moral of the story: you can’t kill Belen Chanes.