Teaser #1: Fonogramaticos Vol.10: Nosotros Los Rockers

Fonogramaticos Vol.10 is on its way, we don’t remember ever being this excited before. As you know, it will be an extra special edition as we celebrate our 10th compilation. The premise is ambitious (from our part), having bands recording covers with their own time and resources is something you just don’t see everyday. Every cover we’ve received so far holds a very special place in our hearts. We would love to give you the tracklist with all the awesome artists participating, but we can’t do that just yet. But let’s start the thrill with this little teaser where we reveal the compilation’s theme: "Nosotros Los Rockers" (by Piyama Party). There isn’t another song on our library with this much ClubFonograma attitude; a band without a place to rehearse, a bootleg album by The Strokes and a blown up amplifier, it's an anthem.

We will be unveiling a couple of the covers in the next few days (through bootleg videos also), expect the compilation to be up on our site the last week of October. Teaser #1 footage belongs to Fernando Eimbcke’s Temporada de Patos. Stream Piyama Party's "Nosotros Los Rockers" below. "Prestamela, Prestamela!"