Bootleg Promo: Silva de Alegría - "Lento" (Café Tacvba Cover) / Fonogramáticos Vol.10

Furland has kept momentum all year long promoting Historia de la Luz, one of our favorite records from 2009. By now, we all recognize the gifted voice of singer Sergio Silva, who’s currently working on his solo side project, Silva de Alegría. While we had a list of songs we would like for bands to cover, we were pretty open to consider anything else, including material released way before any of our compilations. No band has influenced our generation as much as Café Tacvba; the rock pioneers have set the example, here is a wonderful cover to honor our idols. Silva decided to take one of the most beautiful tracks from Reves/YoSoy, keeping it very faithful but delivering one of the compilation’s best tracks. We won’t lie to you, we are nervous about what some of the original minds might think of the covers, but everyone has reacted with positive feedback, including Joselo, the voice and mind behind all the “Lento” beauty. Video footage comes from Alejandro Valle’s VHS-fantasy film Historias del Desencanto.