A LA MARCHA: Fonogramaticos Vol.3 + Bonuses.

Third compilation of free music, bow down to Netlabels and cheers to those indie labels sharing their music with us! While our first and second compilations were a recount of the the stuff posted during their respective months, this new one is in the most part, an upfront of what to expect in the following weeks. I've been keeping in secret some of my favorite songs of the year for this set, many of them currently unreleased.

Fonogramaticos Vol.3 + Bonuses
A compilation by Club Fonograma

  1. “Quien Juega” – Quid Comba (3G Records, México)
  2. “Las miradas de Magaly” – Los Amparito (Unreleased, México)
  3. “Garage” – 60 Tigres (Unreleased, México)
  4. “Yes Louis” – Elaine (Unreleased, Venezuela)
  5. “Mil Memorias” – Neon Walrus (Diente de Oro Records, México)
  6. “Mrs. Love” – Disco Ruido! (Unreleased, México)
  7. “Bus Estación” – Los Labios (Independiente, Argentina)
  8. “Avila” – Nuuro (The Poni Republic, Venezuela)
  9. “De Paso” – Gepe (Quemasucabeza, Chile)
  10. “My best friend” – Volumina (Peppermill Records, Mexico)
  11. “Ola de Calor” – María y José (Unreleased, México)
  12. “Piñata” – Pilar Díaz (Independiente, Chile)
  13. “La Sofí” – Rita Indiana (Unreleased, Dominican Republic)
  14. “Nada puedo hacer” – Los Románticos de Zacatecas (Independiente, México)
  15. “I need a beat” – DJ Raff (Independiente, Chile)
  16. “Tu hueles mejor” - Anntona featuring La Bien Querida (Gramaciones Grabofonicas, Spain)
  17. “Mi Burrita” – Los Macuanos (Unreleased, México)
  18. “Peter Pan” – Children of the Moon (Unreleased, México)
  19. “100 veces no puedo hacer” – AMA (Los Enanos Gigantes, Spain)
  20. “Jacinto Cenobio” (Cover de Amparo Ochoa) – pepepe + cyane (The Poni Republic, Mexico)