New Single: "Vive", Jumbo

We love the shift bands and record companies are taking in regard of front singles, labels of all sizes finally realized that giving away a track from an upcoming release can be their greatest force in promoting their product. It just became a whole lot more comprehensible, now Jumbo joins Natalia Lafroucade, Mexican Institute of Sound, Hello Seahorse! and a bunch of artists practicing this form of marketing, and also a kind approach to their followers. Jumbo always has that question mark on them, they’re a middling band with a colossally brilliant track (Fotografia) and fortunate singles, but the albums as a whole have never gotten me too excited. “Vive” is an unconvincing but interesting track, appealing mostly because of Phil Vinal’s sharp scope as a producer, and it’s one of Jumbo’s most firm moments but unfortunately a piece of stiffness too.

To download "Vive", go to this website, click on "descargas", and you'll need to type your email address and confirm it, it will send you a link to your email inbox.


  1. ahora voy a parecer fan from hell de Jumbo, pero banda "mediera" no es, es una de la bandas que ha aguantado de la llamada avanzada regia del 90, y tiene muy buenos discos como del dd y ponle play y los secillos de los discos han sido muy buenos.

    Sorry por sonar muy fan pero no se me hace una banda mediera, tienen bastantes seguidores, es más una banda importante en el rock mexicanos (es parte del comentario ya no tiene nada que ver con lo que posteaste pero valía la pena ponerlo)