New Single: "Vive", Jumbo

We love the shift bands and record companies are taking in regard of front singles, labels of all sizes finally realized that giving away a track from an upcoming release can be their greatest force in promoting their product. It just became a whole lot more comprehensible, now Jumbo joins Natalia Lafroucade, Mexican Institute of Sound, Hello Seahorse! and a bunch of artists practicing this form of marketing, and also a kind approach to their followers. Jumbo always has that question mark on them, they’re a middling band with a colossally brilliant track (Fotografia) and fortunate singles, but the albums as a whole have never gotten me too excited. “Vive” is an unconvincing but interesting track, appealing mostly because of Phil Vinal’s sharp scope as a producer, and it’s one of Jumbo’s most firm moments but unfortunately a piece of stiffness too.

To download "Vive", go to this website, click on "descargas", and you'll need to type your email address and confirm it, it will send you a link to your email inbox.