Ayrton Senna EP, Delorean

Mushroom Pillow, Spain ***1/2
Rating: 77
By Jean-Stephane Beriot

Although almost virtually unknown in Latin America, I’ve followed the steps of Delorean carefully as I’m anticipating a masterwork to arrive and break them into massive proportions. They’re a young electropop act from Barcelona and just for the sake of making a comparison; I would say they sound like a sassier side of The Pinker Tones, or even closer, to Mexico’s Bufi and Neon Walrus. The band has sparked attention from American music critics for their memorable remixes for several bands like The Mystery Jets and The Teenagers. Ayrton Senna EP is their fourth release (their first one with Spain’s magnificent label Mushroom Pillow), as truthful supporters of the EP format they keep things fresh; they make a point without getting lost in pretension or difficult cinematic moments. They make it clear they’re having fun and want to pass the enjoyment along. These are four harmless pieces that although never really support a single vision they don’t stop the EP to reveal blissful charisma and plenty of catchiness. Opener “Big Deeper” is a very generic way to start engines, but they don’t quite make it in their search to “find our way into the sun.” There is a suspension in all four tracks that really keeps everything in order, the numinous background vocals are present throughout but mostly effective in “Deli.” If there’s a chance for Delorian to fully internationalize, "Moonson" is the way to go, is tremendously catchy, memorable and as radio-friendly as Hellogoodbye. It’s got so much appeal that it almost steps in MGMT – Empire of the Sun territory. Yes, I’ve listed enough references, but it happens that they carry their influences with total acceptance and that by itself is remarkable. One of the most solid electro pop albums I’ve heard this year joining the awesome works by Neon Walrus, Golden Silvers and The Field.