Club Fonograma's obsession with Spain's indie has its reasons... among them, Venus Pluton! and its videos.

For some reason, people here and there complain why we put too much attention on Spain’s indie scene, thing is, Spain and Mexico are the only countries to have an actual music industry (Argentina’s collapsed early this decade) and so it’s logical that there are more bands and more support to all fields of the business. But at least for me, it goes beyond that, see, before deciding to take my time to start this blog I really had no guidance to follow as far as ‘Latin music’ was concerned. There were places I would go to assist my thirst like Reactor or Marvin, but never an actual written channel from which to learn how to run a blog. So besides Pitchfork, The AV Club or Slant Magazine, Spain’s blogging network always fascinated me, I learned through and continue to learn from Hipersonica and La Nadadora, to Muzikalia or Mondo Sonoro. I’ve been so exposed to all these bands that they feel local to me, and it’s great to see they care enough to send me their albums.

Yes, there are a lot more blogs out there writing about all these artists and perhaps we would look cooler if we decided to overlook them and let Spanish reviewers do their job and pay our full attention to the unnoticed releases of indie labels and net labels, but we would become as vague as all the commas I left out in this paragraph alone. Or even scarier, we would found ourselves close to a Billboard Latino, we are not an informative blog nor do we feel a responsibility to limit ourselves. In short, we write about what we like. But enough with the sermon, what’s stimulating this post is the fact that Venus Pluton! is back and you should know we will be posting a lot of videos from it. Venus is Spain’s La Blogotheque, but it’s a lot more fun, they invite artists to shoot videos out there like the French do, but they also produce montages and capture live performances with a whole lot of artistic vision behind it.

So go on kids, here are two of their latest works, for two bands we deeply care for. First, our friends Manos de Topo, who were one of the nicest guys I came in contact with through the Voy a Explotar Soundtrack, you now know how dramatic Miguel Angel’s vocals are, what if he was to sing about the statue of liberty while getting shaved with one of those old barber’s razors? Sweeney Tood, anyone? The second video is from Los Punsetes, here performing “Lo Natural”, the scenery couldn’t fit the song better. And as a last thought, Mexico’s In-D has done these type of videos, it’s a shame they don’t upload them to YouTube anymore.


  1. Al contrario, me parece que es la unca conexion entre la musica latinoamericana y la de alla, me encanta

  2. estan bastante bien los videitos eh, los de in-d se pueden descargar por itunes, como en forma de podcast

    - el puche

  3. hello charlie
    i enjoy your articles . because i can practice my english's class but the most important is that i've read about music it is my topic prefer.

    be carefull

  4. Bueno. España siempre ha visto a Mexico como un mercado a conquistar y nunca para escuchar, desde los plásticos hasta los indies, ojalá alguna vez cambie la situación...

  5. Pues Jose, yo vivo en Barcelona, soy Colombiano. Si te dieras la vuelta por aca verias que toda la radio esta invadida por Paulina Rubio, Motel, Belanova, Reik, Mana, la Trevi etc. etc. incluso RBD sigue fuerte por aca. No es nada diferente a que escucha toda la cadena de los 40 principales.

    Sobre artistas mas indies o mas alternativos si te doy la razon, pondria aparte a Julieta Venegas que es como superstar aca, en si los unicos que tienen mucho airplay en lo mas indie es Zoe, Tacuba y Xiemena.

  6. Tienes razón. Lo que me he querido referir es a la misma admiración que tiene la gente que sabe de música a un lado y al otro del continente. Como que en España se ve la música de latinoamerica como de poca monta, y que no pasa de una moda. Y desde inicios de los 90's, empezaron a ingresar artistas latinos por allá como Chayanne, Maná o Juan Luis Guerra.

    Hay buenas excepciones (yo rescato Zona de Obras) y páginas web como RYM que permiten la convivencia del público de todo Iberoamerica, pero los españoles si saben defender su música y mientras que en México (la única escena a su mismo nivel de tamaño) ni bien ya pasó una generación alternativa y ya se derrumban la otra, mientras en España existe la construcción de una tradición alternativa desde inicios de los 90's. Pero en fin otro tema y no me quiero pasar de largo...

  7. 8 razones para ser adicto al indie español:

    1. Mercromina
    2. Los Planetas
    3. Love of Lesbian
    4. Beef
    5. Triangulo de Amor Bizarro
    6. La Buena Vida
    7. Sr. Chinarro
    8. Le Mans