"El Blu del Ping Pong"-"Platanitos" - Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

Rita Indiana from Miti Miti has a new video, or perhaps her first as a 'solo' act? I’m not sure if it was made officially or a fan-made video (the audio is very noisy), but it really gets Rita’s wild funks. She’s setting aside Miti Miti to show her music through Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, it really appears like she wants to explore rock and it sounds exquisite. This track “El Blu del Ping Pong” is very sexual and uncooked, but you got to love Rita’s ability to do whatever she puts in that absurdly delightful mind of hers. Like in “La Sofi” she continues to throw on some of her inspirations within the lyrics, this time going through Hector Lavoe, Molotov, Cantinflas and others. 

Here is an interesting fact; “La Sofi” is the second most downloaded song in Club Fonograma’s short life, just behind Disco Ruido’s hyped hit “Mrs. Love.” Here is another unreleased track I’m digging a lot, “Platanitos”, which is dusty and production-wise not too attractive, but these songs are adding up to big expectations. “La Sofi” and “Platanitos” are not from this new project, they go back a while actually, I would love to see Rita refining them, but you have to admit the noisy rudeness in them are very engaging.