Todosantos : RIP (2002-2009)

This is not very nice, just when I was looking to see if there were any news on new stuff from Todosantos, I find out they’re calling it off. The Venezuelan trio formed in 2002 and published through The Poni Republic, later on releasing their Girlzzz EP on Flaming Hotz Records. Our very first playlist here opened with their popular “OMG! We Got It” and it’s now sucks to see their R.I.P 2002-2009 description at their MySpace. Oh well, they’re all working on new projects so I’ll be sure to take a listen. Enjoy the last thing they uploaded to their MySpace, a remix for El Guincho’s “Antillas." Which reminds me, what happened to that remix album El Guincho was supposed to release through Beggars & Mad Decent?

"Antillas" (Todosantos Remix)