The Mex More, Toy Selectah

Mad Decent, Mexico
Rating: 75
By Carlos Reyes

Mexico’s most predominant persona in Hip Hop released through Mad Decent his latest set of remixes, a term that’s quite short for a guy proving to be a creator rather than just another DJ out there. First, let’s remind ourselves that he is the mind behind two legacies that have changed our music itself, starting with Control Machete’s demanding functionality that introduced many of us to hip hop itself. Secondly, his collaboration in one of the landmark songs this decade has given us, Celso Piña’ “Cumbia Sobre El Rio”, the one song to point at if you want to understand the sudden growth for Cumbia in the last five years or so. In The Mex More, Toy refers o these pieces as ‘refixes’ or ‘raverton remixes’, whatever direction he’s taking let’s put full attention as he is an individual to follow. This set is to die for, if you’ve been lucky enough to attend one of his performances at Tormenta Tropical you know what to expect, clattering rhythms of the most popular and accessible manners, brain-explosive shifts and frenzy nudging gags that not only make people dance but build and destroy all forms of restraint. “El Mili” by Lil’ Wayne is rushed to a place of velocity and lucidness the original track had no perception of, and it continues with the tropical burst in Devendra Banhart’s “Carmensita”, to the heroic and almost anthem-like double feature of “One minute pal Cumbion!!!” by Justice, the three exclamatory signs are not even close to exaggeration. My favorite moment arrives with Air and its ravertonic vibe in “Sexy Boy”, Toy plays with time and patterns in a very domineering structure and yet keeping Air’s spirit out of harm's way. The Mexican infusion constructs bridges, and in “Shove it” by Santigold you can almost swear it was originally designed to shine in its new clothes, but things finally get to Mexico itself as Toy remixes “Volver a Comenzar” by Café Tacvba and “Bailen el Puto” by Molotov. It’s hard to rate this particular release, we’re anxious to see the upcoming works of Toy Selectah either solo or with Sonidero Nacional.