SPIN picks up Music Alliance Pact

SPIN Earth picks up MAP, there's interesting things coming up hopefully, we're happy it will finally get some bigger exposure. I really hope you're ok with our choices so far: Natalia Lafourcade, Juan Son, Mexican Institute of Sound and this month Mr. Racoon, an artist that not only fits the idea of MAP (to showcase an artist internationally) but also fits locally as it doesn't have enough attention in Mexico itself, make sure to have Katy somewhere in your hard drive, it's sublime.

"There's plenty of reason to support a global effort like the Music Alliance Pact (MAP). Beyond the plain like-mindedness that seems clearly apparent to us at SPINearth.tv, the writers and reporters found in this global blog highlight give us their suggestion on the latest each music scene has had to offer in the last few weeks. Not only does it give the readers a broader look at the open and expansive world of music, but it reassures that we're on a good path in discovering music and culture globally, and directly so from all its various sources. The reality of something like MAP simply reinforces the fact that there's purpose and meaning in connecting the best people in music, whether you're an artist, spectator, or even better—both. These select bloggers are merely the tip of the iceberg. From here on out we'll be getting to know them in a lot more detail. We'll get to see who they are, what they're up to in all their chaos, and most of all, why they do what they do when it comes to keeping the pulse of music in their area. It's a matter of inspiration and a matter of time. The experience is what we care for. Enjoy it...."