"Nuestro Traje" / "Spanish is Beautiful" - DJs Pareja

Part of the reason this blog is called Club Fonograma is because we’re always asking artists to hook us up with their favorite music, their contributions are for the most part, very interesting. One of the people we trust the most is Javiera Mena, who happens to be one of our very favorites. In addition to chatting about the process of her new album and discussing how great Empire of the Sun is, we asked her what she was listening to particularly from her region. She’s as excited about Teleradio Donoso as we are, calls his friend Gepe the best, and after digging up a little bit she introduced us to DJs Pareja from Argentina.

I must say I have not stopped listening to their single “Nuestro Traje”; its video although loopy and cheap is quirky enough to recommend, that’s if you don’t mind watching hairy feet. As I started listening to them I found this amazing song that fits perfectly with the whole English-only debate. I know, we probably shouldn’t care as much as about it, because is kind of a punch gutter to us too, we get the “why is this blog in English?” every single day. But anyway, the song is called “Spanish is Beautiful” and DJs Pareja confront these kiddos, it’s very subliminal, almost like those tapes that help your mind assimilate a conduct; like eating less, quit drinking or my favorites, those that give you self-confidence.

The song is hilarious, for the most part because it’s in English, it really wants to get into the subconscious and don’t be surprised if I end up writing in Spanish tomorrow. Truth is, if you sing good in it, there’s not a problem, if you don’t master the language we can tell, you don’t want to get caught in Sofia Coppola’s nose. Indeed, Spanish is beautiful and hard too, this is a must-download-or-die. I already requested a copy of their album Marcha, can’t wait to get it and review it. The track is up for free download over at flowmi. “Spanish is the language of your heart, the language of your soul.”